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Join the chocolate adventure of a lifetime in the Chocolate Island of the Caribbean – Grenada. Celebrate Grenada’s pure natural resources, fertile environment, cocoa farming and sustainable chocolate-making culture. Hear the story of Grenada’s chocolate while exploring the island’s rich history, visit organic cocoa plantations nestled in the lush verdant Caribbean rainforest, dance the cocoa, make your own chocolate and indulge in delicious chocolate-inspired cuisine and Grenada’s cocoa-infused island life!

  • Experience the ethical chocolate making process from Tree to Bar
  • Learn the story of the pioneer “Tree to Bar” chocolatier Mott Green
  • Meet, mingle and work alongside local Cocoa Farmers and visit Grenada’s many Chocolate factories
  • Learn chocolate-making secrets from local & international Chocolatiers
  • Wander through tropical theobroma cacao forests
  • Taste local and international Chocolates with specialists from around the world
  • Join a Chocolate Tasting Meditation and yoga practice
  • Make your own Organic Chocolate beauty potions
  • Indulge in a Chocolate Themed Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all week
  • Learn to cook a chocolate themed meal with local chefs
  • Sail away, snorkel and pare chocolate and local rum when watching a Caribbean Sunset
  • Be inspired by Caribbean Sceneries, design, music, rum, dance, cuisine and party
  • Indulge in all things Chocolate!

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Grenada Chocolate Fest celebrates all things Cocoa including tree-to-bar, ethically and sustainably made Grenadian chocolate. Over the years the festival has curated an array of authentic experiences that are fun, insightful, inspiring and immersed in deep love and appreciation for chocolate made from the island’s world-renowned fine flavoured cacao.

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we take chocolate seriously

  • Magdalena Fielden
    Magdalena Fielden Founder and organizer of Grenada Chocolate Fest
  • Aaron Sylvester
    Aaron Sylvester Owner of Tri Island Chocolate Farm, permaculture cocoa farmer and chocolate maker
  • Shadel Nyack Compton
    Shadel Nyack Compton Owner of Belmont Estate
  • Edmond Brown
    Edmond Brown Chocolatier
  • Kim Russel
    Kim Russel Farmer
  • Sheba Augustine
    Sheba Augustine Blogger

Grenada Cocoa Farms & Factories


We are proud to partner with organic cocoa farms around the island. All our partnering farms use sustainable farming practices including permaculture to yield the best quality organic fine flavoured cacao beans that in turn make some of the most interesting chocolate bars. Farms include Tri-Island Chocolate Farm, Belmont Estate, Crayfish Organic Farm, Mount Edgecombe Plantation, Grenada Chocolate Company and Jouvay Chocolate.

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Grenada Chocolate Festival

Grenada Chocolate Fest has been a catalyst for the ever blossoming chocolatiers and cocoa industries.

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2020 schedule


Take a look at our 2020 chocolate festival schedule. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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