Chocolate lovers and curious newcomers alike
Experience  the infinite possibilities of fine flavored chocolate with us at the Grenada Chocolate Fest.

For Fine Flavored Chocolate Lovers

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The Grenada Chocolate Fest celebrates the island’s delicious organic and ethically produced cocoa and chocolate. The festival is a perfect experience for all those who have a passion for chocolate.

What allows fine flavor cocoa to articulate it’s flavor potential with such finesse in craft chocolate? How can you use chocolate and cocoa for healing purposes? Find out the most exquisite pairing of chocolate with Caribbean rum, exotic spices and tropical fruits. It is time to meet your chocolate tribe on the charming blissful island of Grenada.

Grenada Cocoa & Chocolate Farms


We are proud to partner with organic cocoa farms around the island. All our partnering farms use sustainable farming practices including permaculture to yield the best quality organic fine flavoured cacao beans that in turn make some of the most interesting chocolate bars. Farms include Tri – Island Chocolate Farm, Belmont Estate, Crayfish Organic Farm
and Mount Edgecombe Plantation

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Grenada Chocolate Fest celebrates all things tree-to-bar ethically and sustainably made dark Grenadian chocolate. With this in mind the festival has curated an array of authentic experiences that are fun, insightful, inspiring and steeped in a deep love and appreciation for chocolate made from the island’s world renowned fine flavoured cacao.

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our chocolate experts for chocolate fest 2018

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  • Will Torrent
    Will Torrent Chocolatier
  • Ana Rita Garcia Lascurain
    Ana Rita Garcia Lascurain Chocolate Educator
  • Chantal Coady
    Chantal Coady Founder & Creative Director of Rococo Chocolates
  • Dr. Darin Sukha
    Dr. Darin Sukha Research Fellow, UWI Cocoa Institue
  • Sharon Terenzi
    Sharon Terenzi Chocolate Journalist
  • Edmond Brown
    Edmond Brown Chocolatier
  • Heidi Roberts
    Heidi Roberts Food Blogger
  • Magdalena Fielden
    Magdalena Fielden Founder and organizer of Grenada Chocolate Fest
  • Kim Russel
    Kim Russel Farmer
  • Kisha John
    Kisha John Spa Therapist

Partnering Hotel’s for Grenada Chocolate Fest

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– Mount Cinnamon Resort and Beach Cabana
– Lance Aux Epines Cottages


Grenada Chocolate Festival

Grenada Chocolate Fest has been a catalyst for the ever blossoming chocolatiers and cocoa industries.

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Take a look at our 2018 chocolate festival. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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