Grenada Chocolate Fest 2020

Grenada Chocolate Fest 2020- A must-do for every chocolatier and chocolate lover Grenada Chocolate Fest returns in 2020 from Friday, May 1st to Wednesday, May 6th. We are excited to take you on [...]


Tri- Island Chocolate- Grenada’s Newest Tree-to-Bar Chocolate Company

From Big City Life to Country Living and Chocolate Making- The Story behind Tri-Island Chocolate, Grenada’s newest tree-to-bar chocolate company, and it’s founder Aaron Sylvester [...]

In 2018

Another Great Year for Grenada Chocolate Fest

Grenada Chocolate Fest celebrating ethical tree-to-bar chocolate With a broad smile on his face that could not hide how delighted he was, British Chocolatier and Pastry Chef, Will Torrent said [...]


Tri-Island Cocoa Farm Rehabilitation

Tri-Island chocolate has been implementing Permaculture design practices since work began on rehabilitating their family farm from the soil up. Using Permaculture patterns found in nature as a [...]


Caribbean sunset cruise

Tri-Island Chocolate and The Eastern Caribbean Rum company invite you to a ‘one of a kind’ Caribbean sunset cruise aboard Savvy Sailing Tours handcrafted Grenadian sloop built on our [...]


Healthy Benefits of Chocolate – A Hands on Chocolate Beauty Workshop

Learn just why chocolate is so healthy from one of our chocolate experts and take part in a hands on  beauty workshop where you learn to make a variety of  chocolate beauty potions and elixirs to [...]


Tree-to-Bar Tour and Chocolate tasting with Cocao Expert Dr. Darin Sukha

Dr. Sukha is a cocoa expert from the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cocoa Research Centre, St. Augustine Campus Trinidad and Tobago. What is most exciting about this tree-to-bar tour is that [...]


Expert lead tree-to-bar chocolate tastings with international chocolatiers

We are fortunate to attract some of the most brilliant chocolate minds to participate in the festival and share their expertise. Chocolate tastings turn into mini salons where  chocolatiers [...]


Chocolate Yoga Meditation

This is one of the festival’s signature events. A yoga flow followed by a mindful chocolate eating meditation. Chocolate tasting is one of the fastest ways to bring you into the present moment.


Be a Cacao Farmer for a Day

This is a brilliant opportunity to understand the humble origins of a chocolate bar. Visit Crayfish Bay Organic Estate in the north of the island – pick cocoa pods, crack and scoop out the [...]