A Chocolatier, a Perfumer, and a Rum maker Meet at a Tropical Garden at The Tower

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Grenada Chocolate Fest 2023 brings three creators from different disciplines from New York, Mexico, and Grenada to interpret fragrant and flavorful botanicals from the Tower Estate’s Perfumer’s Garden for your sensual delight.

Tour the Perfumer’s Garden with a Chocolate Maker, Rum Distiller, and Perfumer. Three makers explore the palette of Grenada’s glorious botanical offerings to present a “sense-shifting” presentation and tasting. We will sip delicious perfume, wear gorgeous chocolate, and nibble yummy rum.
Lite bites and savory nibbles from the Tower Estate will keep us sumptuously sustained for this afternoon event.

– Chocolate Maker – Sophie Vanderbecken – Mexico
– Distiller – Clarkes Court Rum – Grenada
– Perfumer – Stephen Dirkes – New York

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