Grenada’s Cocoa Farms

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Tri Island Chocolate Farm

Grenada’s newest local chocolate makers from Tri Island chocolate, steered by their founder Aaron Sylvester, have embarked on a mission to discover the forgotten lands of their ancestors. Once discovered they are rehabilitating the lands and implementing modern and sustainable cocoa and agricultural practices across the farm. Located in St Andrews, this farm cultivates cocoa, wild coffee, nutmeg and many more fruits, vegetables, roots and even honey.

Tri Island Chocolate Farm

Belmont Estate

Belmont Estate

Belmont Estate is one of the premiere tourism attraction on the Spice Isle – Grenada. Located in St Patrick, it is a unique and authentic 17th century plantation that offers guests an opportunity to participate in and observe the workings of a fully functional historic plantation. Here they will take you into their lush cocoa fields integrated with many other fruits and teach you all about historic cocoa production practices and how to walk and dance the cocoa!

Crayfish Organic Farm

Located on the rural North-West coast of Grenada, Crayfish bay is a 200-year-old 15 acre estate which has been lovingly restored into a fully working commercial organic farm by Kim and Lylette Russell. Take a tour with Kim and learn all about the history behind this estate and their hand-crafted and unique chocolate-making machines or stay in one of their little cottages on the farm and help them cultivate their crops.

Crayfish Organic Farm

Mount Edgecombe Plantation

Mount Edgecombe Plantation

A hidden gem in the West Indies, nestled above the Caribbean Sea, on the Spice and Cocoa rich island of Grenada in the West Indies, Mount Edgecombe Plantation offers a stunning but serene plantation vacation experience.

With a history going back as least as far as 1763, this totally authentic working plantation was originally growing sugar cane, but later became a spice, cocoa and coffee plantation.

Today, as a small luxury boutique hotel, the traditional accommodation, sleeping up to 16, is surrounded by 28 acres of verdant and colourful flora, with over 40 types of aromatic spices, fruit and vegetables.


Grenada Chocolate Festival

Grenada Chocolate Fest has been a catalyst for the ever blossoming chocolatiers and cocoa industries.

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