Grenada Chocolate Fest 2020

 In 2018

Grenada Chocolate Fest 2020- A must-do for every chocolatier and chocolate lover

Grenada Chocolate Fest returns in 2020 from Friday, May 1st to Wednesday, May 6th. We are excited to take you on the chocolate adventure of a lifetime. Experience sustainable and ethical tree-to-bar chocolate with all of your senses.  Explore an island steeped in proud cocoa traditions- forging a sustainable way forward as the Chocolate Island of the Caribbean.

What can you expect for Grenada Chocolate Fest 2020?

  1. Visits to our boutique chocolate factories that make chocolate right where the cacao grows

Grenada Chocolate Fest

Grenada Chocolate Fest

2. Workshops that allow you to experience chocolate with all your senses

Taste with colour

Cacao Ceremony

3. Exquisite Chocolate Dining Experiences

Best Chocolate Cake Ever

Chocolate Bon Bons

4. Parties!

West Indies Brewery

Grenada nightlife

5. Chocolate Pairing while sailing on the Caribbean Sea

Grenada Sailing

Visit to find out more about the exciting festival every chocolatier and chocolate love must experience.


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