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About Grenada chocolate fest

Grenada Chocolate Fest is an annual 9 day festival  that takes place in May on the Caribbean Island of Grenada. Grenada, the southern most windward island, is home to the world famous Grenada Chocolate Company founded by the god-fathers of modern tree-to-bar chocolate Mott Green and Edmund Brown. Activities, events and experiences take place all over the island with the intention of celebrating ethical tree-to-bar dark chocolate.

How It Started

Grenada Chocolate Fest was founded in 2014 by Magdalena Fielden- a passionate chocolate lover, philanthropist and crazy cacao lady. Magdalena, a native Mexican, came to Grenada with her husband in 1996 to raise their then young family. Together they own and run the charming True Blue Bay Boutique Resort.

In 2000 the Grenada Chocolate Company, founded by Mott Green and Edmond Browne, the godfathers of modern tree to bar chocolate, opened its doors. It was Grenada’s first ever chocolate factory after hundreds of years of growing fine flavored cocoa for export to traditional chocolate making countries like Europe and North America. The Grenada Chocolate Company was the first of several chocolate makers that now exist on the island and grow organic fine flavored cocoa to make small batch ethical tree to bar chocolate.

The Grenada Chocolate Fest it celebrates all things fair trade tree-to-bar chocolate. Through it’s carefully curated schedule of events, takes festival goers around the stunning tropical island, into the cocoa fields and behind the scenes of sustainable run cottage style chocolate factories and large scale modern factories.

Over the years the festival has attracted chocolate lovers and chocolatiers from around the globe. It has been a hot spot for budding chocolatiers to learn from the veterans. Grenada Chocolate Fest has been a catalyst for the ever blossoming chocolate and cocoa industries around the island and beyond.

sharing the cacao love

Since its inception in 2014 the Grenada Chocolate Fest has witnessed and has been part of the blossoming of the cocoa and chocolate industries on the island. Our objective is to awaken a deep pride and love for cocoa and chocolate among Grenadians of all generations and to share the cacao love with the world.

chocolate crafts

The Grenada Chocolate has inspired individuals to beautiful jewelry and ornaments all using local cacao.

chocolate foods

Add local chocolate to your foods. Be inspired by some of our chocolate chefs and add some chocolate flavors to your meals.

good food. good feelings.

life is too short for average chocolate!



Grenada Chocolate Festival

Grenada Chocolate Fest has been a catalyst for the ever blossoming chocolatiers and cocoa industries.

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2018 schedule


Take a look at our 2018 chocolate festival. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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